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You must have a Driver's License or Driver Authorization Card (any class) to operate a moped on public streets.

Moped owners in Nevada must obtain a moped license plate and pay one-time registration fees under Senate Bill 404 (SB 404), which was passed in the 2015 Nevada Legislature as a measure to combat moped theft.

The DMV began moped registration November 1, 2016. Law enforcement began issuing citations to unregistered mopeds on January 1.

Because SB 404 is an anti-theft measure, other laws on mopeds did not change. A driver’s license of any class is required to ride on public streets. Mopeds remain exempt from insurance and helmet laws.

Moped Laws at a Glance


“Moped” means a motor-driven scooter, motor-driven cycle or similar vehicle that is propelled by a small engine which produces not more than 2 gross brake horsepower, has a displacement of not more than 50 cubic centimeters or produces not more than 1500 watts final output, and is capable of a maximum speed of not more than 30 miles per hour on a flat surface with not more than 1 percent grade in any direction when the motor is engaged. (NRS 482.069)

How to Register Your Moped Top ↑

Make an appointment! DMV offices in Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City offer appointments. Plan to arrive about a half hour early to complete your vehicle inspection. See Dash Pass to book your appointment.

Inspection Details

Safety Equipment Top ↑

Mopeds must have almost all of the same safety equipment (lights, mirrors, etc.) as a motorcycle in order to be driven on any public street. Mopeds are not required to have turn signals (NRS 484D.130). See the Motorcycle Equipment Tip Sheet.

Other vehicles with a small engine are considered off-highway motor vehicles and may not be operated on public streets.

Moped - street legal

This moped has the proper safety equipment and may be driven on public streets if it is designated for on-highway use.

Moped - not street legal

This moped is not properly equipped. It is an off-highway vehicle and may not be driven on public streets. It may not be converted to on-highway use.